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Had a very strange experience with a company today and thought I would share it.

I have been a staples customer for well over a decade. I have a reseller account with a tax reseller ID on file, which means I don't pay sales tax on items I intend on reselling. I also am a premier rewards customer which means you get better benefits, no wait customer service and free shipping on any order, not just the normal over $50. I typically spend between $10k and $15k a year with them.

Well I placed an order a few days ago and went online to see the estimated delivery date today and saw that order said Cancelled with no explanation why. I called up customer service who sent me to another department who after checking with someone else gave me this explanation… Basically they told me that they have the right not to sell to anyone they want and since I sometimes appear to be buying items to resell they have closed my account. Again, its always been a reseller account with a legal reseller tax ID linked to it.

Upon pushing and pushing them as to how this made no sense, The rep just kept repeating that its their privilege not to sell to resellers if they don't want to. First, they have had me as a reseller for over 10 years. Second, I am just a one man business, not Best Buy. Third, if I am buying it or if John Doe is walking in an buying it, we pay the same price and they make the same profit, I do not get any discounts.

I asking them to have someone higher up contact me back, which they said someone would do today, did not happen.

So I ask myself what was accomplished for them? Are these sales they would make anyway? No. As I will just have to purchase these items somewhere else. Are they loosing money by selling them to me? No. Their profit was the same no matter who buys the item. Did they loose money by doing this? Absolutely as that's 10-15 thousands dollars a year in sales they don't get.

I'm not Staples competition. I am not undermining their prices. I am a paying customer with a long history in good standing with them.

I used staples as one of my many suppliers because they sometimes had great deals. Offered free shipping. I got my items fast and the website was easy to order from.

So do I spend more time trying to clear this up with them or just take my business else ware?

Undecided at this time. But this has certainly changed my mind about a company I once liked and was happy to give my business to. Now all I can think about is the bad taste this ridiculous action on their part as left me with when I hear the name Staples.

My blog post

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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It's warranties. Resellers NEVER buy them, I mean what would be the point.

But companies like best buy and staples have to meet a certain percentage of warranties sold otherwise they fall under the scope of their higher ups. This is especially the case with tech items.


Just happened to me. Staples said we can sell it online and you can pick up but we get hit if you walk in and buy it from us. I don't see the difference you sell it to anyone for that price I am paying that price.

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Typically, the reseller purchases items that are already on sale far below cost, such as laptops, and get no accessories on them that have a positive margin for the store. So the overall sale nets the company a loss.

Also, since many resellers tend to wipe out the inventory for a particular item, the company loses the opportunity to sell them to their actual customers who may get other items with them; In the case of a laptop, antivirus, a warranty, a case or mouse, Microsoft Office, etc, which could turn the sale profitable. A company has the right to protect its margin.


I had the same issue today..


When a sales item it is sold at a lost to consumer to bring in customers not to someone who is buying it to profit. The 10k to 15k you spend a year at Staples is making them lose about 4k to 5k.You sir is a business man so would it be wise to sell at a constant loss to someone like you?


Who do people automatically assume that because someone disagrees with the original poster that they are trolling? This person obviously has had good service for ten years plus and the moment this "baby" does not get what he wants he throws a huge fit.

He things because he was a customer for over ten years he should get special treatment as Ihateddumbcustomrs stated. Also $15000 a year is nothing to Staples who makes that much in a day or week. Frankly bob if you are the OP I doubt you have been a customer for over a decade because I doubt you are older than ten. You don't like people "trolling" (which is really disagreeing with you don't post a moronic review.

Then again if we went by Ihatedumbcustomers suggestion by banning every dumb complaint this site would like have 28 complaints instead of millions. Even if the moderators were doing their job on this site, they don't remove posts just because some crybaby does not like the replies he gets on his reviews.


just shut up already. just because you spend extra money doesn't mean you get extra privelages.

like Re-Tailor was saying, they aren't making a ton of profit from what you buy. there pretty much aren't mods here to remove comments, at least from what I've seen but they need mods to remove dumb posts from dumb whiny people like you.


Yes, computers, but by no means Just that. lots of office products, from coffee, pens and paper, ink and suppliers to packing tape, bubble wrap and boxes.

And they even said, sure just walk in the store and buy it, we just wont ship it to you anymore. And walking in the store, they still accept my reseller account and non-tax status. I even offered to pay shipping since they give free shipping. The point is, it makes a customer who spends about $15,000 a year unhappy, its bad PR and just not the right way to treat someone who is paying their pull retail price for items like everyone else.

Also understand, i was not order 20 of each time, typically 1-5 of an item from time to time. As for the other commenters who have nothing to contribute, is there a moderator on this forum to remove the trolls?


I agree with Re-Tailor, bobthegeek is a ***.


What kind of items are you purchasing? Are you buying electronics?

Specifically computers? If you're buying computers as a reseller I would imagine that you don't purchase any additional protection plans or any of the software and accessories with them.

Since Staples (and every other consumer electronics retailer) generally loses money on every computer sold $15k out of your pocket is understandably a lot of money to you but in reality it is little to no profit for Staples. It seems like saving their low priced inventory for customers that might actually be profitable instead of someone trying to make money off of them is an intelligent business decision.

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